Morning (Absence of) Glory

nap time

Okay so I have not spent the morning picking up sticks and weird long bean strings from the back yard as I had hoped to, and do you know why?  I am addicted to sleep.  Or maybe just the compensation of sleep that seems to come in the mornings as a result of tossing and turning at night.  I miss my cheap bed.  This new plushy one with all the fixins just isn’t doing it for me.  I’m not as stiff as I was before, that’s nice, but I only fall asleep hard at around 5am now, and it’s not because I’m comfortable.  My body might adjust.  And if not, I’m just slicing both the old and the new mattress in half and I’ll sleep on the cheap, back-hurting half of the mattress that has allowed me to plunk down and get a solid night’s rest for the past couple of years.

Coffee isn’t even a motivator for me  anymore.  I remember lying in bed in the mornings back in early fall, thinking “Mmm, coffee…” and springing out of bed.  Now, there’s not even that, and breakfast has never been that appealing while living in an area that doesn’t have any trendy little shops that serve waffles covered in fruit in the morning.  (The major part of Toronto I miss… but half the time they were out of ‘waffle stuff’ anyway, so why bother missing it?)  I noticed this lack of coffee motivation before the new bed even came along.  I am going to research: Why do people want to wake up? I like being awake, I just have no motivation to physically work myself back into it every day.

What do you to wake yourself up?

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