"Feelin’ Fine"

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I’m doing good today.

One more assignment to write (well, 3 more to hand in, but one and a half which I’ve completed, and one new one that will hopefully be good enough since I only learned about it today), and I will be fucking graduating!!!!!!!!!!! from this dreadful course.

It’s the out I’ve been looking for. And all it took were several nervous breakdowns and a nearly-complete loss of self-esteem.

I donated some clothes I’ve been meaning to get rid of to a charity bin before eating some lunch today. It’s good to get old stuff out of the way.

On the topic of charity, I’m looking for donations for prizes for the scholarship fundraiser in Ellie’s name that is being held at Isaac’s at Brock University in St. Catharines on May 1st. Already got the approval of my store for one prize pending a letter explaining the fundraiser to them. Yay.

Blog entries will become more frequent beginning at the end of next week. At least that’s what I surmise. And surmising is half the battle.

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