Happy Autumn!

further down the road

Hello waste of time and taxpayers’ money minority-government from yesterday back again today, hello!

Today I was wondering where this jerk, who always bought a lot of lottery and was always a dick to everyone he talked to at my store, had been lately. Well, it turns out, sometimes bad people die. Disorienting though, since he didn’t seem unhealthy, just rude and mean-spirited and self-absorbed and in love with spending money on the hope that he might one day actually win money. (To buy friends?) Yeah. So he’s dead. May he rest in peace, I guess?

I’m really happy with having bangs and having finished my Industrial Relations class. It’s going to be nice to be able to read things I actually would like to for the next couple of months. In other news, I’m pretty sure my car is falling apart. I might like to get another job soon. So much for the reading plans.

All the leaves are brightly-coloured! Go out and take pictures before it snows!

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