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Ah, Bathfitter. I forgot my shower puff at the other place. I’ll have to get that tomorrow.

These sunglasses were never meant to be. The first time I lost the arm to them, it was for two or three months, maybe more, and I found it in a purse the other day. Wore them today, and fucking lost the arm again when the glasses fell off on the bus. FUCK, I hate how much I loved those sunglasses. There’s no getting the arm back this time. Hate.

I’m gradually reducing the vast mountain of boxes in my new living room. It’s getting there. My bedroom is rather small and I hate it haven’t found room for everything yet. Bought a curtain rod today at HomeSense (don’t buy them anywhere else, if you ever find yourself in a curtain-rod jam; they’re overpriced and ugly). Just need curtains now. Couldn’t find nice ones.

Cool blue lighting reminds me of an asylum/Toronto. I need new light bulbs. Warm coloured ones!

I’m so angry about the sunglasses! And I am worried about Milo. 🙁

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