Review: Why Fitbit Blaze outshines Charge HR

A few years ago this blog shifted focus from a purely personal blog to one with the tagline and theme of “Make things better”. Part of making things better is squeezing in some exercise each day — whether it’s a full on workout (rare), a 45 minute bike ride (more common) or the bare minimum (10,000 steps / 30 minutes of consecutive activity). Today I’m quick-reviewing the Fitbit Blaze. As an experienced user of Fitbit’s products, I feel I have a good handle on what … Continue reading

Fitbit review: What’s cool? What could use improvement?

You might remember how crazy I was about getting a Fitbit for Christmas. For the first time, there was an in-depth look at my crazy sleep patterns drawn up for me by this very cool device, accessible from both my smartphone and my laptop. Neat! It’s a month and a half later, so I thought I’d draw up a couple lists: The Cool and The Needs-Improvements of Fitbit.   The Cool: Sleep tracking — I still love it. I’ve had about 2-3 more hours sleep … Continue reading

Wii Fit progress report: I’m almost old enough to drink in America again!

About 2.5 weeks in of doing Wii Fit regularly again and my hips have slimmed up nicely. I feel healthier. I get less heartburn and reflux, which is nice whether it’s a result of working out or not. And here was a nice surprise I got after my body test on Friday: And 3 days later? It turns out… Even if this doesn’t last, at least I can say I had the body of a (pregnant) 20 year old for 3 days in 2014. Woo … Continue reading

Baby’s 1st Phobia

So here it is, my one unexplainable and recently-revealed fear: Going to the gym. No idea where this stems from. Possibly because the last year of gym class I ever had in school was spent with a healing broken nose; possibly because my knees are shot at the tender age of 25 (they have been since … say, the even tenderer age of 18); possibly because of nothing. I can confirm that the reason is not: Self-esteem issues A desire to be enormous Freemason conspiracy … Continue reading

Why Working Out at Midnight Just Feels Like Summer

I just had a really good workout. The first workout since my first workout after the New Years resolution that I would continue to workout more, which didn’t work out. [The cymbals would crash here, if the drummer hadn’t already left in his boredom.] And I feel REALLY good. You should do it too. And eat more clementines. I’ve been doing that all week, too, thanks to Lauren buying a crate she can’t possibly finish on her own. That, of course, does not make up … Continue reading