Why we love the Dream On Me Pack N Play Mattress

Hi again! Sometimes I like something enough that I feel sharing a few tidbits about my experience with it will benefit people in similar situations. This is one of those times. Here’s my review on this pack n play mattress that seemingly has magical powers over our nap-resisting son. [This post contains affiliate links.]    When John started sleeping over at his grandparents’ place, they got a Graco Pack N … Continue reading

My first night with Fitbit Flex

I hope you all had a merry Christmas! One of the great gifts I received was the Fitbit Flex that I’ve wanted since first seeing it last summer. I love tracking my steps and distance covered (calories burned I care less about since I’m pregnant), but I was also excited to track my sleep habits. It’s very lightweight and can be worn to bed comfortably (as well … Continue reading

Time to Die

Let’s try a new theme for a while. See how long it lasts.  I remember when 12:55am was early for bed and not late (SWAG!).  I just had one of those (BRO!) moments where your head starts making up weird things… like a brain glitch before the word ‘glitch’ began to refer only to human error and not an actual computer malfunction. Enough already.  Need more zeds. … Continue reading

The Wonder That is Sleep

Oh, it turns out it wasn’t a late-twenties crisis I was going through last night, it was simply a lack of sleep.  I woke up without that headache today and it turns out I am fine until I go to work again this afternoon. Share the post “The Wonder That is Sleep” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestStumbleUponE-mail

Hallowe’en. It’s not just for stupid babies anymore.

Miklos and I are hitting up the town as depression-era newsies. I can’t wait to get pictures. Since my gums are far too sensitive for (too much) candy these days, pictures are the sweetest part of Hallowe’en for me. I’m having a cat dilemma. That dilemma is that Rico’s craving attention at 1-, 3-, and 5AM are driving me bat-shit bananas. I have never met a more … Continue reading

Apocolypse Eventually!

Well! Let me tell you. It’s my sister’s 23rd birthday today. Hope she’s both having a blast and over the flu today. Setting the clocks back has ruined us all. I think I’ve heard every single person I’ve talked to this week complain that they are tired, and right now I’d have to agree with them. Napping my 4 hour break between shifts away sounds pretty good … Continue reading

What’s wrong with the way it used to be! Get to the bank, it was closed!

I like to stay out of socio-political discussions because most often I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, but the people who govern Myanmar are absolutely fucking sick. I’ll be glad to be away from the news for a couple days, but sad because I know it’s still going on. I can’t believe how different things are from one place to another; how is this … Continue reading