This Christmas, BE NICE.

I shouldn’t have to hate Christmas. Not one day after writing about how I would take the Christmas season in stride, I was reminded that my place of work gives us absolutely no hours to fairly balance workload and accommodate the making of sales that are so important to their world.  (We’ve only made $3000 so far this week?  Goodness, me!  I am so selfish, making a teensy fraction of that!)  There should be some kind of mandatory free access to mental health help that … Continue reading

Happy Orange & Black Spirit Day!

There’s a part of me that believes that by attempting to include everyone in our Halloween celebrations by calling it something else, we are also sort of segregating them.  We’ve all heard about Holiday Trees by now, and surely we’ve heard or even some of us given a rant or two about them.  I am not a big Christmas fan until about the week of, because I work with the public and I see the gruesome commercial side of it (which ironically is my living, … Continue reading

Sad Panda

I’m really not okay with this. Endangered Bengal tigers among those killed after escaping from Ohio zoo I understand, yes, the police were not trained to deal with the tigers any other way.  Surely though, there were people who were. Animal control, or, failing that, someone with more wild life expertise that the animal control people could’ve called.  I realize it was a critical situation.  It just seems sad and stupid and wrong for them not to have even tried to do anything other than … Continue reading

Dear Trainwreck

I realize some girls were not lucky enough to grow up with the most supportive of families.  I am aware of how insecure this makes them.  I know it’s why they walk around with skirts hiked up to their buttholes, and why they drink and drug themselves stupid in vain attempts to attract attention, so easily mistaking it for affection.  And for once, it’s not the fact that they’re contributing to the degeneration of all that women have worked so hard for a century to … Continue reading

When I was your age, blah blah blah!

Because Dan is a tingus, I have to blog again. So what’s new in the world?  Well, I just don’t know. Today I will outwardly consider how sad it is that money is such a motivator for some people.  Not in the way that they’ll work, however. No, no.  I am referring to the money so readily available to deadbeats and other human embodiment of sloth who for no good reason actually opt to leech off the common working people instead of making a single … Continue reading

Things I Miss Currently:

Our little blue car. RIP sweetie. You were loved. The tartar under my gums before my dental appointment today. It had become a part of me. The ability to react sharply and quickly, both physically and mentally. Painkillers and muscle relaxants are a wonderful demotivator and defense-mechanism-killer, but I like being slightly wound-up. Now I know why my friend who was addicted to codeine was such a lackadaisical slacker all the time. In short, we got into a big car accident caused by a gent … Continue reading

Canadian Shame

Here’s the thing. Capitalism is everywhere. You knew it when you got old enough to think for yourself. You knew it when you became an adult turned 19. You know it now that you (maybe) pay your own rent/mortgage. So if you’re so big on protesting, where have you been the rest of this year to spread awareness of your cause? Why are you not moving to a third-world, non-corporate country to support the less fortunate? Why are you not sewing your own clothes? Why … Continue reading