Happy birthday, husband!

I’d like to wish my sparkly new husband and father to my unborn cartwheeling child a very happy birthday today. He’s smart, wonderful, handsome and he doesn’t “has cone had”. I also admire his bravery at wearing two or more plaids at a time. Wishing him a bewitching day of birthday fun! Do a few push-ups if you like this guy. He’s the coolest, so I assume you’re going to get really buff tonight.   Share the post “Happy birthday, husband!” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestStumbleUponE-mail Continue reading

DIY rustic end table for less than $10!

After we brought the Christmas tree out a couple weeks ago, we needed to rearrange (and remove) some of the furniture. Wouldn’t have to, really, but Junior’s tendency to eat everything in sight means we still need to crate train him a while longer. We have two of these simple LACK tables from Ikea. When the tree came back, we had to put one of them away, and replace our loveseat with an armchair we put away when Junior’s crate came along. Needless to say, it … Continue reading

On The Day Before I’m Married

I will have no time to write this tomorrow, so here it is. May 31 is my last day, in my entire life, of being an unmarried woman. When I was a kid, I never imagined having a wedding. I imagined my story would be much like an Enquirer cover blurb I once saw proclaiming that Loni Anderson had proposed to Burt Reynolds. It would be like that, except that the guy would make me kiss him but then instead choose my weird friend who … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Miklos!

At this juncture, I’d like to take a moment and wish the happiest day to the stone-cold fox I’m about to marry in less than 6 months. And to make us all a little less comfortable for the moment: “Reow reow reow.” That is all. Share the post “Happy Birthday Miklos!” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestStumbleUponE-mail Continue reading

Building a Garbage Shed for Less Than $100 Using Scrap Wood

About a month ago, Miklos got sick of the tiny width of our driveway.  He went hog-wild and tore down the fence between our driveway and our neighbour’s house.  He used that for a project and then had a bunch of scrap wood left over. On the same rampage, he took our old metal garbage shed to the scrapyard.  The thing was lousy and made a cringe-worthy metal-on-metal scraping sound when you opened its doors, so no harm done except for one problem: Every windy … Continue reading

Windmills and Pinwheels

Suddenly remembered the photoblogI had a couple of years ago (or maybe just a year ago?) and hit randomize a few times.  Came up with this shot I can barely remember taking.  Got the Miklosmobile stuck the snow that day.  Was it the Kia?  Might’ve been the Kia. Share the post “Windmills and Pinwheels” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestStumbleUponE-mail Continue reading


A man vomiting is the single most awful thing a woman can be subject to hearing, as I learned last night.  Miklos is suffering from Man Flu. Based on symptoms given, a woman would diagnose the same ailment in herself as acid reflux.  In fact, the same pizza I ate last night had the dramatic effects of heartburn which I know and am thereby bored of so easily. At any rate, hopefully that’s all it was.  Pepto seemed to soften the cries of the dying … Continue reading

The Comma Lab

Came home to some devil music playing in the office.  I eventually realized it was coming from my new speakers which were sitting atop my new desk, the purchase of both of which I was previously unaware. Not to be confused with the other Comma Lab. Share the post “The Comma Lab” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestStumbleUponE-mail Continue reading