Review: Why Fitbit Blaze outshines Charge HR

A few years ago this blog shifted focus from a purely personal blog to one with the tagline and theme of “Make things better”. Part of making things better is squeezing in some exercise each day — whether it’s a full on workout (rare), a 45 minute bike ride (more common) or the bare minimum (10,000 steps / 30 minutes of consecutive activity). Today I’m quick-reviewing the Fitbit Blaze. As an experienced user of Fitbit’s products, I feel I have a good handle on what … Continue reading

5 ways Fitbit keeps me delightfully motivated

Fitbit sleep over the course of a year

Happy End-of-May to you! I’ve been lacking in the DIY department lately. Our little boy is growing quickly and spends much of his day running around the house now. It’s incredible to watch and at the end of the day I am thoroughly worn out. The young one is fighting a fever today and had a record-breaking nap out of nowhere. After seeing the doctor, he had another long nap. Weird day. In an attempt to distract myself, let’s talk about how the snow is gone, it’s … Continue reading

Welcome home, Fitbit Charge HR!

My Fitbit Flex is riding off into the sunset (my mom’s wrist, until she gets sick of it probably within a week). I’d like to introduce to you my new Fitbit Charge HR! I may review it when I’m more familiar with the ins and outs. It’s been a busy [and freezing!] February. I’m ready to get motivated to move again. Will the snow melt for summer? We’ll have to wait and see. Do you use a Fitbit activity tracker? What do you think of it? Let’s … Continue reading

Fitbit review: What’s cool? What could use improvement?

You might remember how crazy I was about getting a Fitbit for Christmas. For the first time, there was an in-depth look at my crazy sleep patterns drawn up for me by this very cool device, accessible from both my smartphone and my laptop. Neat! It’s a month and a half later, so I thought I’d draw up a couple lists: The Cool and The Needs-Improvements of Fitbit.   The Cool: Sleep tracking — I still love it. I’ve had about 2-3 more hours sleep … Continue reading