We had waited forever (a very quickly moving forever, if that makes sense) for our 20 week ultrasound, and we got it on Saturday. We had asked the sonographer to write “boy” or “girl” on a piece of paper we brought in an envelope so that we could read it together later.  I noticed her trying to hold back a smile as she took some of the hundreds of measurements for half an hour. I thought to myself, “There must be a penis. You don’t … Continue reading

New job? Marge is pregnant?!

The dogs helped us reveal an important piece of our life puzzle to Facebook today. Yep… we are having a baby. Whoa. (PS, I stole this reveal concept from a clever Redditor because I’m unoriginal and lame.) We heard the heartbeat for the first time today, so I finally feel good announcing it. Here’s something: I had always hoped to wait til I was 65 or something but the second I found out, my whole idea of this concept flipped. We’re very happy about it! … Continue reading

Introducing Ella — & The Frustrating New St Catharines Hospital Situation

I wasn’t allowed to bring my camera in with me, so I sneaked my phone and got a picture of her when I finally met her. She looks a lot like my dad, but she’s still very cute. 😉 Just kidding. She is adorable. I’m so glad I was able to see her yesterday, and I can’t wait til she is able to come home to her parents, and to be able to get to know her bigger sister (who isn’t all that big at … Continue reading


We had the most wonderful time at our wedding. It goes without saying that emotions ran high and we had the best day ever, despite anything we might have forgotten in all the chaos. It was such a strange thing to have so many of the people we appreciate and love in one place. There is so much to say about it, but I won’t. Thank you to everyone who made the trek, extra long or short-to-moderate to come out and help make it such … Continue reading

On The Day Before I’m Married

I will have no time to write this tomorrow, so here it is. May 31 is my last day, in my entire life, of being an unmarried woman. When I was a kid, I never imagined having a wedding. I imagined my story would be much like an Enquirer cover blurb I once saw proclaiming that Loni Anderson had proposed to Burt Reynolds. It would be like that, except that the guy would make me kiss him but then instead choose my weird friend who … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Santa!

Hope everyone had an excellent Christmas.  Here are a few of the highlights from mine. Yep, it was all street lights, nieces and woofs (or they were the most willing subjects anyway).  I’m okay with that!  Got a link to your holiday pictures?  I’d love to see them! Share the post “Happy Birthday, Santa!” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestStumbleUponE-mail Continue reading

5 Christmas Gifts I Wish My Dad Wanted

Ho ho ho… goodie.  Christmas is already back.  If you’re stuck for gift ideas for your dad, or any other man in your life for that matter, you’re not alone.  Men tend to be a challenge for holiday gift-giving because they seem to either have everything, or, in the case of my pops, they never give you ideas about anything they’d like. I decided to search a few “Gifts for Him” pages to get an idea of what I can gift ol’ Dad this Christmas. … Continue reading