Review: Why Fitbit Blaze outshines Charge HR

A few years ago this blog shifted focus from a purely personal blog to one with the tagline and theme of “Make things better”. Part of making things better is squeezing in some exercise each day — whether it’s a full on workout (rare), a 45 minute bike ride (more common) or the bare minimum (10,000 steps / 30 minutes of consecutive activity). Today I’m quick-reviewing the Fitbit Blaze. As an experienced user of Fitbit’s products, I feel I have a good handle on what … Continue reading

5 ways Fitbit keeps me delightfully motivated

Fitbit sleep over the course of a year

Happy End-of-May to you! I’ve been lacking in the DIY department lately. Our little boy is growing quickly and spends much of his day running around the house now. It’s incredible to watch and at the end of the day I am thoroughly worn out. The young one is fighting a fever today and had a record-breaking nap out of nowhere. After seeing the doctor, he had another long nap. Weird day. In an attempt to distract myself, let’s talk about how the snow is gone, it’s … Continue reading

Welcome home, Fitbit Charge HR!

My Fitbit Flex is riding off into the sunset (my mom’s wrist, until she gets sick of it probably within a week). I’d like to introduce to you my new Fitbit Charge HR! I may review it when I’m more familiar with the ins and outs. It’s been a busy [and freezing!] February. I’m ready to get motivated to move again. Will the snow melt for summer? We’ll have to wait and see. Do you use a Fitbit activity tracker? What do you think of it? Let’s … Continue reading

My first night with Fitbit Flex

I hope you all had a merry Christmas! One of the great gifts I received was the Fitbit Flex that I’ve wanted since first seeing it last summer. I love tracking my steps and distance covered (calories burned I care less about since I’m pregnant), but I was also excited to track my sleep habits. It’s very lightweight and can be worn to bed comfortably (as well as in the shower without being destroyed, so that’s neat). You can sync it with your desktop device … Continue reading

Rambling (wo)Man

If not rained out tonight, I’ll be shooting a couple I know this evening (with a camera!) who I helped to set up in the first place!  Exciting.  I’m hoping my heart-stabbies stop before then to help me along.  Waking up with heart pains doesn’t mean I’m dying, right? It’s a nice pre-summer so far. I’m so excited to have rain barrels this year and FIGHT THE MAN!(@*&#!) who charges us to use municipal water to grow our herbs and tomatoes.  (Yes, I get why … Continue reading

Going Pro

The resolution of this milestone photo is due to a crappy Blackberry camera, not the TV on which the age was displayed. I “for real legit” felt physically weak for … a week. I was waiting for a toe or two to mend before I got back into my routine tonight.  This was a nice (but deserving) surprise.  I worked hard tonight.  I wouldn’t have wanted to smell me.  Also, ahhh, the stress relief.  This week has been non-stop and it was good to get … Continue reading

A ‘Wii’ Milestone

A happy birthday to my wonderful Auntie Lynn, and a happy birthday to me as today I am 20 years old in Wii Fit Age!   Also, happy birthday to all those groundhogs out there.  Today, we all win. Oh, me?  I’m just here blogging ’cause the Wii Fit told me to take a fitness break.  Guess my Wii trainer was worried I was getting a Wii bit too buff.  Steady, Wii Fit.  I’m doing juuuuust fine. Share the post “A ‘Wii’ Milestone” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestStumbleUponE-mail

Eat it!

Wii Fit Age: 23!  Suck on that! And then consider that it’s only because the heat is so unevenly distributed in our house that I have to work out to keep warm.   Seriously though, feeling pretty good about that!  (I won’t tell you my last 3 or 4 Wii Fit Ages, but someone else might tell you they were at least 7 years older than that, and at most about 20 years older just a couple weeks ago.  Eek.) This is what my neighbours … Continue reading

The Exercism

It is strangely motivating to have a computerized voice tell you you’re doing a great job, or that your back is tilting too much toward the floor. Wii Fit Plus, you are a great gift. I am going to have posture one day, for at least a week. I have the body of a 39 year old, which is a great surprise since I feel at least 47. Time to remedy that. Share the post “The Exercism” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestStumbleUponE-mail