They All Must Scoop

For a long, long time as past housemates will agree, Rico has had a problem with barfing daily all over the place. The vet suggested he simply has a weak stomach, or he’s eating too fast. Well, one day after a good petting session, Rico stood up and started to cough up a hairball. It was to no avail. I went out and bought a kittymalt the next day, which I’ll admit I’ve been pretty lax in giving him, but it seemed to help the … Continue reading


I gave up on the 365, rather quickly it would seem. It was no good, and I felt like it was holding me back. Or obligating me. I’d rather just picturize when the mood strikes me, or when something cool presents itself. Tomorrow, our little Mixi (who has recently taken to becoming a woman) goes in to get spayed. Good luck, cat! We’ll see you on the outside. In the meantime, she and the other two have to fast for the night (or, we’ll just … Continue reading

The Crazy Cat Lady

I’m reading all about introducing cats to each other today. Mixi and Jane pretty much hate each other, and Rico has never been a fan of other cats. So upon this upcoming merge, we may find ourselves in a pretty pickle. Oh, kitties. I need a farm. Going to conduct a social experiment based on this site. I will be recording every transaction I witness. Good info here too. This is good too, even though it’s not about housing cats in any way. Watch about … Continue reading

Just now as I was about to gather my clothes from the laundry room, I stepped out of my apartment and gasped. “RICO!” I scolded, as the cat bounded back down the hall to greet me. How the hell did he get out of my place? A girl appeared in the hall walking toward me with a smile, and it hit me. Those familiar white sock paws, that tabby fur and rascally appearance… it wasn’t Rico at all. It was the cat across the hall … Continue reading

If I could speak in a cat language that Rico would understand, I would say meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow, which would translate, loosely, to “Slow down when you eat! That’s why you’re throwing up every day.” He gets so riled up before he eats, and I made matters worse tonight by getting him a different kind. This excited the hell out of him, despite how nonchalant I was acting about it to try to have him simply accept the stuff into … Continue reading

Cat Lady Rambles #184

I’ve never really thought of Rico as ‘big’. Once, Francis came over to try and sell me life insurance (or something scammy) and the only part of that visit I remember was him saying “WHOA, that is a big cat.” I’ve seen bigger. But Jane is a featherweight, and Mix is miniature. She’ll probably grow to be bigger than Rico, but right now, she’s tiny. And as Rico sat on my slouchy lap just now, I realized, he is not only gigantic, but also getting … Continue reading

And then there were 3… cats, I mean.

Miklos found a kitten in the woods (or rather, some old men found her but couldn’t keep her). After suggesting what seemed like a dictionary of names for a tortoiseshell kitten with an exceptionally friendly and energetic personality for a cat who’d been left in the woods for at least a couple of days, we settled on Mix, or Mixi (for now). We took her in for an examination Saturday morning after the market, where the veterinarian let us look through the microscope at the … Continue reading


Just clicking through my bookmarks at random, you know, since I have time to do that now, and I found this: Mark Twain’s Top 9 Tips for Living a Kick-Ass Life. Pretty uplifting! And, you know, I hate to kick you down when you’re up by getting all serious, but there are some powerful photos here. Don’t click if you can’t stand to look at starving, broken-down souls. There’s a whole other world out there that you and I are nowhere near familiar with. What … Continue reading

American Idol auditions are back, yesssss!

Listen, I don’t want to bore you with stories like this… but this is one for the memories. Ignore it if you are anyone other than me reading. Situation: I’m lying in bed, doing math in my head for some reason. I’m on the threshold of sleep when I hear a sudden frantic scrambling; a clink of my potted plant possibly being knocked down onto my bed; a quick, sharp and terrified meow; then finally a thump on my mattress, where my cat lands in … Continue reading

I’m not good enough at lying, so this is serious

Around 2004, while I was living in Welland, a group of us were racing down a side street (running). I wasn’t fond of the idea, but everyone was trying to get into shape and I was just sort of there. Anyhow, I fell behind and decided to just walk to the end of the road, which ran parallel to some train tracks. There was an alleyway (if you can call it that) between two houses that took you from the street to the railroad tracks, … Continue reading