Veterinarian’s Day

This cat has been with me through my entire adult life so far.  He’s turning eight years old this year, which isn’t very old in cat years but seems to make me feel super old.  Tomorrow Rico and I will head to the vet to sort out some of his weird issues.  He hasn’t lost any weight but he’s developed some new and icky habits which I won’t totally get into.  He seems otherwise healthy, as do the other animals in our dwelling. So why … Continue reading


  Ranting aside, it’s a nice day for Halloween.  Not raining, not snowing, just a slight chill to the air, and I’m wearing some orange and a pair of Halloween socks.  I think the orange and black spirit would love me today.  Wish us luck with Casey and Rico not flying out the door tonight when the kids come to gather their treats. Share the post “Halloween!” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestStumbleUponE-mail Continue reading

Hallowe’en. It’s not just for stupid babies anymore.

Miklos and I are hitting up the town as depression-era newsies. I can’t wait to get pictures. Since my gums are far too sensitive for (too much) candy these days, pictures are the sweetest part of Hallowe’en for me. I’m having a cat dilemma. That dilemma is that Rico’s craving attention at 1-, 3-, and 5AM are driving me bat-shit bananas. I have never met a more annoying cat OR person than Rico. Yet I am obligated to love him. I would defend that cat’s … Continue reading

Hairballs are ever prevalent at the Niklos Residence these days. That said: Sand cat. Let’s get one! I have to go bat Rico with a fur brush because he’s licking himself again. This could get messy. Share the post “” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestStumbleUponE-mail Continue reading

John Tesh would marry my ass.

Tax return came this week, and since I don’t really get to enjoy it (thank you, school that got me so many places), I’m trying to curb my spending. This is when my blog gets useful! These links are British, so the tools might not work as well as you’d hope, but the general ideas are common sense and a worthwhile reminder of what little things you can do to save some money (if not for yourself, then to donate to a good cause now … Continue reading

Fish n Chips n Vinegar… Pepper Pepper Pepper, Salt.

I got this book for about $10 the other day at Coles. I realize I’m becoming the two-jobbed housewife, but what a great resource! There are like a bazillion tips on ways to use salt, vinegar, lemons, and baking soda for just about everything around the house; things you’d expect, and also neat tricks like making a pet behaviour-modifying spray out of one part vinegar and one part water. So far, so good. Another thing I picked up was a travel journal. I can’t wait … Continue reading

Cat Tails & Pussy Willow

This morning I awoke to claims by somebody that Starbucks filters its coffee through cats, because the package smells like cat pee. (Preposterous! I cried. It would have to smell like cat poo.) Shortly after this, a cat war broke out in the very bedroom where I was still snoozing. Last night, while cutting his nails, I discovered Rico had a bloody claw. All this brings me to one conclusion: We’ve got too many damn cats. We’d really only have two, if Miklos hadn’t saved … Continue reading