Learn Something New Every Day

Today I learned how to apply an isolation coat to my paintings.  Hopefully I didn’t bungle it all up.  Next up, varnish and shine! Went to the car to get something from it tonight, rifled through the glove compartment for a minute, and then went to get out and heard a crackle behind me in the pitch black.  (Brand new LED streetlights are working out great; especially the burned-out one in front of our place.  Let’s hear it for tax hikes, everybody!)  I nearly jumped … Continue reading

Moose Painting I

Here’s my first moose painting.  I was originally going for moose silhouette and disjointed jack pine.  The jack pine became a bit less disjointed and more like a normal tree, and I decided to shade the moose.  Hm.  Not sure on it. Halfway through I took a picture and I actually like the halfway-through concept a lot better than the finished product.  A moose against a map, instead of a moose and a jack pine. Well, we all need practice first.  It was a fun … Continue reading