Why I still heart my Samsung Galaxy S4 in 2015

pink Fossil Bee S4 case

Samsung releases the Galaxy S6 on April 10, 2015, comprised of metal, glass, non-removable battery and no expandable memory — offering instead impressive internal storage with 32, 64 and 128GB models.   Its release date makes this my perfect birthday phone, or so you’d think. I’m just not sure. I may have been extremely fortunate that my Galaxy S4 has lasted through so, so many terrible things. This week, Johnny … Continue reading

CASE CLOSED: Sexy, Affordable OtterBox Alternatives for Samsung Galaxy S4

Last week I finally got an OtterBox to protect my favourite phone ever, the Samsung Galaxy S4. The only complaint I have about the OtterBox — or anything with silicone/rubber in my experience — is that it picks up lint and absorbs colours. For instance, the pink rubber corners of my case are now tinged black. I wish I had saved my silicone case from my old … Continue reading

OtterBox for S4 — Now I can drop my phone all the time, EVEN MORE!

It only took about four smaller dents and one giant ding on the side of of my phone — as well as the two swims in the toilet I’m forever mentioning — for me to decide to invest in some kind of cellular phone protection contraption. Unwilling to spend good money, as usual, I scoured the WWW for the best deal on an Otterbox. And I found a pretty great one! … Continue reading

Pixlr Express: Photo Editing For Your Phone & Camera Alike

You’ve probably taken a picture of yourself with your phone at some point. Likewise, you might have taken a picture where you realized something was superficially wrong in that you weren’t 100% confident on sharing with the universe. Maybe you had a blemish, or a black fly bite on your neck large enough to give the impression that you spent the night at Makeout Creek. If you … Continue reading

Don’t Try This at Home: Samsung Galaxy S4 Survives Toilet Swim

Have you made a habit of carrying your cell phone in your back pocket? If you’re a woman, there’s not really a great place to keep it, unless you have an Otterbox and a screen protector, and keep it safely tucked into a nice, scratch-free area of your purse. (I cringe to remember when my first glossy phone met up with an emery board in my purse soon … Continue reading

Cheapest Way to Unlock a Phone Right Now From Your Desk — $7.99

A CAUTIONARY EDIT: iPhones and other high-end phones will cost more than $7.99 to unlock using CellUnlocker.net (and most other services, unfortunately), but don’t fear: The site will give your specific phone an unlock total BEFORE you check out. If you don’t like your price, don’t do it. Selling your old phone and need to unlock it for cheap? Unlocked phones will make a much better profit … Continue reading