Spring — It’s Here

I’m excited to see these kinds of things again: There’s something about springtime that’s photogenic compared to winter, at least for me. Maybe it’s the locale. Our part of the world is sludgey at best in the winter, and there are two things I like taking pictures of then: Our dogs in the first snow, and things frozen over. The first snow didn’t fall until around January this year, and even then, I just wasn’t inspired. The rest of our colder months were a vicious … Continue reading

Framed Print – Pop Art Pups

The other day I felt a bit creative and coloured in some of the puppy photos I took.  I got some unexpectedly nice reactions to the one and had it framed.  Since I love how it turned out, I put it up on Etsy. Immediately, someone bought one (not through the site, unfortunately for my Etsy rankings, but in person — still extremely encouraging). Going to try more stuff like this one, including customizing people’s own pet portraits. Let me know what you think! Share the … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Santa!

Hope everyone had an excellent Christmas.  Here are a few of the highlights from mine. Yep, it was all street lights, nieces and woofs (or they were the most willing subjects anyway).  I’m okay with that!  Got a link to your holiday pictures?  I’d love to see them! Share the post “Happy Birthday, Santa!” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestStumbleUponE-mail

Flickr Pro Free for 3 Months

As somewhat of a photo nerd, I was so excited yesterday when I logged in to see that Flickr was giving away 3 months of Pro for free.  What a merry Christmas after all! I love Flickr. If you’ve never tried it and you love photography, now’s the time. This offer is extended to members old and new. I also had no idea you could post each photo to up to 60 groups, but I don’t think I’ve ever put any of mine in more … Continue reading

It’s Been Such a Long Time

Back when I used to have 80-100 page views a day (40 or so of which were because of a weird stalker type setting my blog as his homepage), sifting through referring links and search terms was a daily exercise in fun.  I don’t so much get that anymore, maybe because I’m too ADD to figure out Google Analytics (so stalkers, free-for-all time! I won’t even know you’re here!).  Flickr however is a different story.  Flickr makes it easy to figure out where people have … Continue reading

Fresh Stereotypes

Things I see often enough to mention here tonight: Old people puttering into malls, stopping and standing in place, looking all around (above inclusive) in wonder/horror at where they are, occasionally asking a passerby a question, then after that person leaves, cautiously wandering further into the mall as if into a haunted forest Cool-looking Asian kids running for buses Women 90% of the time being far messier than men (imagine!) Women 75% of the time being ruder than men People in general walking in the … Continue reading