It’s Been Such a Long Time

Back when I used to have 80-100 page views a day (40 or so of which were because of a weird stalker type setting my blog as his homepage), sifting through referring links and search terms was a daily exercise in fun.  I don’t so much get that anymore, maybe because I’m too ADD to figure out Google Analytics (so stalkers, free-for-all time! I won’t even know you’re here!).  Flickr however is a different story.  Flickr makes it easy to figure out where people have … Continue reading

Fresh Stereotypes

Things I see often enough to mention here tonight: Old people puttering into malls, stopping and standing in place, looking all around (above inclusive) in wonder/horror at where they are, occasionally asking a passerby a question, then after that person leaves, cautiously wandering further into the mall as if into a haunted forest Cool-looking Asian kids running for buses Women 90% of the time being far messier than men (imagine!) Women 75% of the time being ruder than men People in general walking in the … Continue reading

I Like This Dog Because When I Have Her I Am Famous

Casey attained some fame today when the Turo Rudi Facebook page posted the picture Miklos submitted of her holding (not eating!) their chocolate bar (in the packaging! Stop judging! Not that anyone has, but I probably would). Share the post “I Like This Dog Because When I Have Her I Am Famous” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestStumbleUponE-mail Continue reading

Windmills and Pinwheels

Suddenly remembered the photoblogI had a couple of years ago (or maybe just a year ago?) and hit randomize a few times.  Came up with this shot I can barely remember taking.  Got the Miklosmobile stuck the snow that day.  Was it the Kia?  Might’ve been the Kia. Share the post “Windmills and Pinwheels” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestStumbleUponE-mail Continue reading

Wok With Yan

I thought I came home from work to be away from Valley Girl gum-chompers, but apparently they mistakenly call at quarter after 11 at night and can’t hear a thing I’m saying because they keep saying, “[Like,] hello? Hello?!”  Dude, I get that it’s Friday. I get that you are in a bar probably, and I even get that you are probably a piece of poo kind of person, but Mama Bear is getting on in years and needs peace and quiet while she blogs … Continue reading

Warm Heart of Winter

This has to be the greatest January for weather in all my life (and maybe yours – I don’t know you).  Of seven (7) days, just one (1) has reached -21°C with the windchill, and only days later it’s as mild as last May would’ve been if it didn’t rain so much that I never went outside to check the temperature, except to let the dog out, but who even checks the temperature when they’re dealing with a mud-soaked defiant animal?  If Canada could go … Continue reading