Framed Print – Pop Art Pups

The other day I felt a bit creative and coloured in some of the puppy photos I took.  I got some unexpectedly nice reactions to the one and had it framed.  Since I love how it turned out, I put it up on Etsy. Immediately, someone bought one (not through the site, unfortunately for my Etsy rankings, but in person — still extremely encouraging). Going to try more stuff like this one, including customizing people’s own pet portraits. Let me know what you think! Share the … Continue reading

Vintage Finds, AKA Old Crap

A little late on this one, but here is some of the stuff we found the other day. You’ll be pleased to know I spend an afternoon cleaning and sanitizing all these things, so the record player no longer looks like a dirty heap of garbage, and the dresser looks slightly better. A tip about cleaning with vinegar + water solution: It’s great because there are no chemicals, but whatever it reacted with (my guess is decades of cigarette smoke) sent me into intermittent coughing … Continue reading

New Art: Foxy Lakey, Northern Ontario Inspired

Just wanted to let everyone who needs a 16″x20″ acrylic painting of a fox know that I have one up on my Etsy shop now. Does anybody know Elton John’s phone number? I really feel like I’d like him to buy one of my paintings. Share the post “New Art: Foxy Lakey, Northern Ontario Inspired” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestStumbleUponE-mail Continue reading

MapMyDOGWALK for Android

You’re probably aware if you read this blog on a regular basis that we have a Yellow Labrador named Casey. I’ve been reading a lot about dogs behaviour lately, and I came across a few interesting articles about dog walking related to dominant and submissive characteristics in our furry friends.  Casey has a lot of pent-up energy, and after reading this I felt motivated to start walking her properly (and much more regularly). I searched Google Play for dog-walking apps and came up with a … Continue reading

Art for Sale, Only a Dollar!

That headline might have been true 100 years ago.  But since I like eating, drinking (mostly coffee and water) and breathing in a warm home, I have to charge a little.  I opened an Etsy shop today. It was bound to happen. I’ve been painting crazy things for about a year now, since I remembered I like to paint.  Some of them (the wolf) are nuts, and others are slightly less nuts.  Take a look if you like that kind of thing, and especially if … Continue reading

How I Saved the Day (& Money) with Stickygram Save-the-Dates

I was never a big fan of Save-the-Date cards.  When I found out they could be magnets, however, I was floored. I started with, which offers a lot of great samples, most of them quite customizable. I found a few issues, though: There were maybe too many options, which might not be a problem for most people.  I got overstimulated! The site started to slow down in Chrome, and I don’t like using IE or Firefox, so that was a problem. I spent (ahem) … Continue reading

Can You Block Contacts on Skype Using a Windows Live Account?

With the inevitable transitioning of Windows Live Messenger over to Skype this coming March, users previously unfamiliar with Skype are realizing perks and drawbacks left and right.  Today’s drawback comes to you from the Block/Appear Offline feature most of us are used to on WLM and other popular messengers. At the time of writing, Skype currently offers the Block/Appear Offline feature but not to anyone signing in with their WLM account.  You must instead use the Skype login if you care to block.  This would … Continue reading

How to Bathe Your Cat Without First Buying Your Burial Plot

Ever wonder how to bathe your cat without having your eyes scratched out of their eye-holes? Like most cats, Rico’s biggest fear is water.  Well, when you have a cat who sheds day-in/day-out who hasn’t had a bath in say, years, and he’s been staying up nights to meow you awake lately, it seems to me that indicates it’s bath time.  And you know what?  This cat of mine did surprisingly well, aside from the fact he’s been licking himself for an hour since.  A … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Santa!

Hope everyone had an excellent Christmas.  Here are a few of the highlights from mine. Yep, it was all street lights, nieces and woofs (or they were the most willing subjects anyway).  I’m okay with that!  Got a link to your holiday pictures?  I’d love to see them! Share the post “Happy Birthday, Santa!” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestStumbleUponE-mail Continue reading