Check it out: Handmade Hour & Crafty Saturday

Cedar Bee Handmade infinity scarves for kids

Every Wednesday I take part in #HandmadeHour and #HandmadeHourUSA (7 to 8 pm ET) on Twitter. There, I share items I’ve made most recently for my Cedar Bee shop, and retweet my favourite items others have shared with the same hashtag. (See, hashtags bring people together!) The amount of talent and unique items people share is awe-inspiring and the community is wonderful. If you’re someone who makes stuff, … Continue reading

Ooh, Foxy Lakey

Did I ever show you this? I can’t remember! Finished it a few months ago. It’s up on Etsy if you feel like having some foxy art in your home. Share the post “Ooh, Foxy Lakey” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestStumbleUponE-mail

Framed Print – Pop Art Pups

The other day I felt a bit creative and coloured in some of the puppy photos I took.  I got some unexpectedly nice reactions to the one and had it framed.  Since I love how it turned out, I put it up on Etsy. Immediately, someone bought one (not through the site, unfortunately for my Etsy rankings, but in person — still extremely encouraging). Going to try more … Continue reading

Vintage Finds, AKA Old Crap

A little late on this one, but here is some of the stuff we found the other day. You’ll be pleased to know I spend an afternoon cleaning and sanitizing all these things, so the record player no longer looks like a dirty heap of garbage, and the dresser looks slightly better. A tip about cleaning with vinegar + water solution: It’s great because there are no … Continue reading

Art for Sale, Only a Dollar!

That headline might have been true 100 years ago.  But since I like eating, drinking (mostly coffee and water) and breathing in a warm home, I have to charge a little.  I opened an Etsy shop today. It was bound to happen. I’ve been painting crazy things for about a year now, since I remembered I like to paint.  Some of them (the wolf) are nuts, and … Continue reading