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Recently a friend of mine asked me what he should know in order to take up sewing. Well, that’s a can of worms. It got me thinking of all the stuff I wish I’d known when I first began sewing. Things like:

  • Do not try sewing Velcro onto your very first project without the right needles, or they’ll turn to shrapnel and you could lose an eye
  • Do not attempt to start and finish your first project halfway through the evening before you plan to give it to someone as a gift
  • Go slowly if you don’t want to crush or stab your finger in between some sewing machine parts

…and other such helpful advice I would happily offer any beginning ‘sewist’ today. More tips like this in an upcoming (as yet unwritten) post. For now, I wanted to show you something cool. I’ve included a few affiliate links in this post. If you happen to order from them, I earn a small percentage of the sale (this costs you nothing additionally).


Variety pack of presser feet

I got this set approximately a year ago and it was a game changer. I don’t use that term lightly — or at all in the history of my being, actually, now that I think of it. It’s a set of 32 different presser feet that work with most of the popular sewing machine brands, and it unlocks the potential for so many more projects!

And that’s what all sewing enthusiasts need, right? More project ideas? 😉

This thing has nearly every presser foot you could want at various levels of sewing expertise, beginner through expert. The only thing I’d add to it is an even feed foot (sometimes called a walking foot) — these are probably more difficult to make universal though, which may be why one of those is not included.

Aside from having 32 presser feet to try out and being a really great price, another nice thing about this set is that it is now fulfilled by Amazon, and you also can order it with your Prime account. That means you’ll likely have it in your hands within the next few days, as opposed to when we ordered it and had to wait a couple of months for it to arrive from across the planet.

Prime is great like that, and it has saved me a bundle with free 2-day shipping (as I mentioned earlier, I have a bad habit of leaving things to the last minute). And if you don’t have Prime, I find that anything that says it’s “Fulfilled by Amazon” in the listing tends to ship out in a timely fashion, so you’ll likely have it much sooner than I had to wait!


This set is a great value for the money, especially when you look up the prices of individual presser feet.

Here is an illustrated though kind of hard to read graphic of the names of the included presser feet in the 32 piece set.


My favourite presser feet so far?

  1. Knit foot. Absolute fave. I love sewing up comfy jersey knit scarves for my shop, and this feeds the fabric through the sewing machine so nicely without any bunching or stretching. It’s truly unbelievable how it works compared to your regular foot and it’s the next best thing to having a serger. (I’d say it’s kind of better, as there’s almost no learning curve to worry about with a knit foot.)
  2. Rolled hem foot. There are actually a few different sized rolled hem presser feet in the 32 piece set! These feet make for beautiful, easy and professional looking hems on things like linen tea towels and any lighter material that is tedious to press and hem.
  3. Open toe embroidery foot. Use this for applique and also for applying ribbons. The front of this presser foot is wide open so that you can see everything you’re doing. The back has a channel through which denser applique stitching and ribbons will flow without getting caught up in the foot or in your machine!
  4. Darning foot. Great for free motion quilting! And darning, I assume. 😉
  5. Fringe foot. You can make decorative fringe with this foot so easily! I haven’t tried it for longer fringe, but for shorter fringe it works great! Here’s a tutorial that will give you some ideas — I love SewingPartsOnline’s videos!
  6. Quilting foot. Having an available 1/4″ width on your presser foot makes for easier quilting — that’s for sure.

Those are just the ones I’ve gotten the most mileage out of in my own short time with this set. Depending on the kind of sewing you prefer to do, you may like these or some of the other ones even more.

Having a wealth of presser feet available makes projects easier and allows me to do lots of cool stuff I never even considered before getting this set. I’d recommend it to anyone starting out, intermediate, or expert because there is just so much versatility in this kit. It also makes a really great gift for anyone who sews!

32 piece presser foot set for sewing machines

Have you got the 32 piece presser foot set? If so, what is your favourite foot to use?

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