They’re back! Munchkin Diaper Pail Refills

Hey parents and non-parents alike (though admittedly this post is a bit more parent-oriented than my others)! Happy Wednesday!

Let me tell you a smelly tale. For a good while, keeping the nappy stench from wafting ’round the airs of our house was a job held by the mighty Arm & Hammer Munchkin Diaper Pail. Then out of nowhere, the pail and the refill bags were discontinued. One day, you simply couldn’t find them in stores anymore and all hope was seemingly lost.

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I remember checking on Amazon around that time, I found a 10-pack for somewhere around $300 CAD. [Insert screaming emoji here.]

The cloth diapers I made, and never used... whoops.

Kinda makes you wish you’d made more sizes of cloth diapers those short years ago…

Naturally, the diaper pail has been in our storage room ever since, and we’ve resorted to chucking the diapers directly into the bin outside or changing our kitchen garbage bag ridiculously often because 1) diapers add up, and 2) ew.

As I’ve been on a bit of a cleaning rampage the past few days, I noticed this diaper pail sitting sadly in the middle of storage, and was about to throw it out. “What good are you to me?” I said to the diaper pail (in my head, and not out loud, because I need to keep the crazy to myself if I want to be taken seriously most days). Then I dropped a jar candle which shattered all over the storage room, managing to break the chain off a light fixture simultaneously. Needless to say it was a mess, so I forgot about the Munchkin for the night and got on with my clumsy lady cleanup.

Today I remembered the poor thing, and was inspired to check out Amazon one last time before sending it out to pasture. And to my shock, I was not disappointed! They’ve brought them back!

Fits all Arm & Hammer Munchkin diaper pails

If you were hanging on for dear life — wishing, hoping, and still have the blasted thing (because they’re wicked expensive now) — you can get the Munchkin diaper pail refills here (they’re now orange for some reason). These will in fact fit all Munchkin pails, as demonstrated in the diagrams below:

Munchkin diaper pail refills are back!

Hopefully the pack I ordered will be the first in a long time as well as the last, as this kid of ours needs to potty train ASAP.

And to you I say: May the stink of your beloved littles’ diapers be forever contained.

Was I the only one who didn’t know the Munchkin diaper refills were back, or is this news to you too? 

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