Happy Hearts Day!

What a sunshiny day! We haven’t had too many of these so far this year. We spent some time in the yard this morning with the melting snow, and we headed over to check on any new developments that may have arisen on the kid’s “stage”.

It’s a sort of gazebo built by the previous lady who lived here. It’s empty now because it’s winter but usually it has a space to sit and eat. It would actually make a nice place to play some music if that wouldn’t bother anyone nearby.

He told me to walk in circles with him, as we tend to do on his “stage”. I’m not sure why or when we started to do this, but by now it is kind of the norm for any time we’re in the yard.

A heart in the snow

So that’s our team contribution to Valentine’s Day! We’re not really big on it here, though the boy and the husband did make some very cute heart shaped pancakes this morning to surprise me.

The reason we aren’t gaga over Valentine’s Day is that it’s our yellow dog’s 6th birthday today too, and that’s more important to us!

Kompromutt: Caseys birthday wish is to be the 46th president.

Here she is with a lovely new blonde coif after her birthday Furminatoring.

Walking in circles

So that’s that!

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day? Is it just another day, or do you go all out?

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