I’ve been so quiet

Sorry to have disappeared lately. Between running my shop and running our lives and taking care to make sure our dog eats (he has chronic pancreatitis) and whatever other things pop up and getting little sleep (life in your 30s, basically), it’s been near impossible to take a moment here and there to write!

My plan is to make a big ol’ bloggy comeback in the New Year after my shop settles back down after the Christmas rush.

Anyway, nothing much to report. Just wanted to say hi, reassure you all I’m not dead, get Google indexing my site again, you know. The usual. 🙂 I’ll try to post a Christmas thing or two soon.

See? Still here. And I even brushed my hair a little.

Have a great day.

About Nik

Writer, occasional photographer, common street juggler. I enjoy cooking, crafting, a clean house, animals, and senses of humour. Oh yeah and being the mom of my boy John.
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