Check it out: Handmade Hour & Crafty Saturday

Every Wednesday I take part in #HandmadeHour and #HandmadeHourUSA (7 to 8 pm ET) on Twitter. There, I share items I’ve made most recently for my Cedar Bee shop, and retweet my favourite items others have shared with the same hashtag. (See, hashtags bring people together!)

Cedar Bee Handmade infinity scarves for kids

By the way, I’ve got some pretty neat kids’ accessories for spring-into-summer these days.

The amount of talent and unique items people share is awe-inspiring and the community is wonderful.

If you’re someone who makes stuff, I strongly recommend both #HandmadeHour and #HandmadeHourUSA. You’ll have a good time, get some extra views, and maybe even sell some things. Maybe I also want to see what you’re all making out there. 🙂

Today at #HandmadeHour, I found out about Crafty Saturday from The Chilly Dog, a free link-up page! It’s another excellent place to share your handmade items with lots of interesting handmade creations to browse. Favourites get featured on Crafty Saturday! If you’re a maker, be sure to take a look. Be sure to share your own faves that others have made too!

The Chilly Dog
She also writes some pretty crafty tutorials.


Are there any other free link-ups for creative people that I should know about? I’d love if you’d leave me a comment about them!

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