Wii Fit progress report: I’m almost old enough to drink in America again!

About 2.5 weeks in of doing Wii Fit regularly again and my hips have slimmed up nicely. I feel healthier. I get less heartburn and reflux, which is nice whether it’s a result of working out or not.

And here was a nice surprise I got after my body test on Friday:

age 20 on Wii Fit (Friday)

And 3 days later? It turns out…

3 days later, I'm still 20! While pregnant! Woo!

Even if this doesn’t last, at least I can say I had the body of a (pregnant) 20 year old for 3 days in 2014. Woo hoo!

The improvement in how I’ve felt lately makes me really happy we sprung a few dollars to replace our scratched up Wii Fit game disc a few months back.

If you use it too, what was your last Wii Fit Age?

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