Ostrich Pillow for Christmas: The perfect gift?

Remember the Ostrich Pillow? Come on. If you haven’t heard of it, here’s what it is.

ostrich pillow love

Credit: Ostrichpillow.com

When you feel like you need to wrap your head with a pillow in public or at home, it’s your best option.

And great news! It’s now available in Ostrich Pillow Light.

ostrich pillow light

Credit: Ostrich Pillow Light on Kickstarter

You can get get the Ostrich Pillow Light by clicking on the above image.

Amazon has a great deal on the original Ostrich Pillow (currently out of stock, but I imagine they’ll restock soon), They also sell an Ostrich knock-off at a significantly lower price. Just in time for Christmas!

So, have you gotten your Ostrich Pillow yet?

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