My first night with Fitbit Flex

I hope you all had a merry Christmas!

One of the great gifts I received was the Fitbit Flex that I’ve wanted since first seeing it last summer. I love tracking my steps and distance covered (calories burned I care less about since I’m pregnant), but I was also excited to track my sleep habits.

fitbit flex wristband blue

My flexible friend.

It’s very lightweight and can be worn to bed comfortably (as well as in the shower without being destroyed, so that’s neat). You can sync it with your desktop device or smartphone using Bluetooth. I like to sync it to my phone since laptops these days have fewer and fewer USB ports, and to sync with desktop instead of Bluetooth requires a USB dongle (but it is a wireless dongle, which is nice … dongle).

Last night for its first use, I changed settings to ‘Sensitive’ for a more detailed monitoring of my sleep. Here is the summary that came back:

screenshot fitbit flex sleep efficiency summary

I slept in a bit because the prior two nights had consisted of even less sleep than usual. (Santa was coming! Also I just suck at sleeping.)

The report is pretty accurate. That one pink stripe in the middle is my record-shattering one (1) bathroom break of the night. The remainder was avoiding bathroom breaks and tossing around because as a stomach-sleeper forced to sleep on my side, every night is a living Hell. The larger blue band in the middle is an hour and a half — my usual sleep niche from 5:01am to 6:31am.

For more on Fitbit’s sleep tracking, read this article from their site.

To someone who loves stats, the Fitbit Flex and its reporting is about the coolest thing ever. It does the same thing with steps, distance, very active minutes (workouts) and calories burned, charting the hours spent on the most of each. Since it’s a water-resistant wristband, you don’t need to take it off and the results are extremely accurate. Much more accurate than the tracker on my Samsung Galaxy S4, since I don’t have it attached to my body every second. The results tracked on my Fitbit were about 75% more than the Samsung yesterday, for example.

You can track goals you set for each category, and also log food and water intake. You can manually add a sleep log if you forget to set Fitbit to sleep.

It’s brilliant. I’ll add different report charts as I have days that are more active and less embarrassing. (It’s the holidays after all.)

PS: I found the Fitbit Flex on on sale for $79.99 for a limited time. Regular price: $99. If you were considering it, now’s probably your best chance. You can select free shipping too!

Does Fitbit sound like something you’d be interested in trying out? Do you have one already? Tell me about it!

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  1. Been wearing mine constantly since December 17th. It’s really helping me understand my sleep patterns.

    I’m looking forward to having a good six months of data then comparing it to temperature / pressure / humidity data to see if that affects me.

    • Thanks for your comment! I’m amazed at how poor my sleep is. Every morning my chart is a mess of thin blue and green stripes, with some red in between for bathroom breaks. I knew I wasn’t sleeping great, but wow. I must toss and turn the entire night. My stats won’t be accurate for me until after the baby is born (and probably not until long after that), but I expect the stripes to be thicker blocks of red and blue after the kid arrives.

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