Sew Interesting

Yep, I’m hoping to move right along into the year 1818 and grab me up a sewing machine next weekend.

Why? Have you heard of maternity clothes? They’re hundreds of dollars if I want to wear more than a couple of outfits for the next 6 months. Have you heard of my closet? It’s full of jeans and tanks I don’t wear anymore due to maternity fatness and general lack of interest. Yes, I figure with a little effort, I can put together some good outfits comprised of stuff I already have, AND also have a sewing machine for all the projects I’ve wanted to do for the past year or so.

Here’s a great tutorial I found for DIY maternity jeans.

I’ve also wanted to do-over our couch cushions for a while.

And make a dog bed!

And, of course, tutorialize all these projects for you to read!

So (sew), for those of you who have a good, reliable sewing machine, what features should I make sure mine has? Leave your ideas in the comments!

[Unrelated but otherwise relevant: Now that I have a functional laptop with photo editing on it that isn’t a Mac (we won’t get into my Mac rage), the blog is about to get picturey again. Yay!]

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