Make Ahead Meals — A New Sunday Tradition?

Today I decided (after sewing up the holes in my socks for sewing machine practice — I know, I’m adorable) that although I love to cook, that probably won’t always be the case come the holidays (uh, and after the stork comes).

Sundays are almost always a boring day of sloth, so why not start making ahead a few meals per week on this day? This is especially great for the last Sunday of the month when Miklos has his club meeting. Maybe I’ll make one or two extra meals on that day.

I found this site which is full of incredibly delicious looking meals. 40 or more, to be nearly exact. I want to try the baked manicotti first.

They can’t all be smoothies.

With this idea comes the inevitable need for a bigger freezer, some more freezable containers, and possibly a stocking up of canned items and other ingredients.

However, I think it’s well worth it to not give up on ourselves and head out to a restaurant which costs on average about four times the amount it would to have ready a pre-made meal at home.

So that’s my domestic post for the day.

Do you make meals ahead? Leave me the recipe for your favourite in the comments!

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