Halloween Prep

We’re getting into the spirit of Halloween around here.

skull and bat door halloween

There was a third bat here at one point. Either a dog ate it after it popped off the window or it flew away.

porch display

hanging bat halloween

He’s much scarier at night.

jack o lanterns halloween

Can you guess which one I carved and which one Miklos did? Hint: His is hilarious.

skeletons on a string of orange lights

potions and poisons halloween free printables

Potions and poisons! Free Halloween wine bottle printables were foundhere & here. (Although by the time I installed the printer on this laptop, I just printed from the one link.)

hissing cat at halloween

Thanks go out to Junior for pissing Mixi off for this picture.

Businessman cat in a tie at Halloween

Businessman cat. Businessmen are often cranky, but Rico has been wearing this tie without complaint for a couple weeks now.

I’ll take some spooky pictures on Halloween night too, so we get the full effect. I forgot to grab a picture of my scary ghoul guy from the back door, but he’ll be moving to the porch for the occasion so you’ll see him.

Have you gotten into decorating for Halloween this year? Leave me a comment with your favourite decorations!

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