Whew. Homeland returns to Showtime on September 29, 2013.

With Dexter nearing its end and Breaking Bad‘s final episodes beginning last Sunday, some of us are already panicking about which show we’ll have left to obsess over when they’re done.

(I am opposed to the zombie fad, so I haven’t watched The Walking Dead, though my dad has told me I have to.)

Thankfully, we have a backup plan, at least for now. Miklos and I started watching Homeland two seasons ago, and it’s scheduled to begin again on September 29th on Showtime.

Never watched Homeland before? It’s a gripping show about terrorism and conspiracy in (you guessed it) America. Very well done. Not much humour in it normally, but this SNL sketch certainly parodies (and summarizes!) the premise and the characters well.

Homeland SNL from Pedro Rezende on Vimeo.

Which shows are you going to watch once these two series giants are over?

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