Civic Holiday Blues — Flea Fest ’13

Got a chance to visit my aunt’s beautiful cottage up in the Thousand Islands. (We had several salads without said dressing however.) A fun and even relaxing weekend.

When we came back, we found our dogs covered in fleas. This had never happened before — we’ve been very lucky. I guess our dogs just decided to hang out with some fleas this weekend when my sister took them out for a while.

We cleaned the house a hundred times, flea-bathed and combed the dogs for what felt like hours, flea-bombed the house with spray I got six years ago when I thought Rico might have fleas, and got Advantage treatment today once the vet was open.

Oh my God.

I don’t wish fleas (or parasites of any kind, I imagine) on anyone. Had I a ‘worst enemy’, I would never wish them on that person. In fact, I’ll even venture as far as to say that treating your pets monthly will cost you a heck of a lot less in the long run than the sanity and money lost over one outbreak of fleas. (I might be including other people’s sanity and money, when their animals catch the same fleas.) Don’t chance it.

They’re awful. Gross. Filthy.

Flea -- Red Hot Chili Peppers

FACT: Actual fleas terrify me much more than even this naked human one.

To top it off, this is my worst year for getting bitten by mosquitoes and black flies. I’m the person you invite out to a fire with you because I am the only one they will feast on. Before returning home after this weekend, I already had 12 bites on one foot, six-to-seven on my other, four bites on my right hand and two on my left. Not to mention my legs got some of it too. They will NOT stop itching, no matter what I do to treat them.

Coming home to a place where bites were all the more possible = worst sleep ever.

Thankfully, these disgusting things will be dead after 24-48 hours and their stinking corpses removed after several more times around the house with the vacuum, Swiffer, mop and (seemingly endless) laundry.

I tried several home remedies last night as well. Some included apple cider vinegar drops on their neck and ears, and putting dish soap in warm water in bowls around the house to collect the fleas who weren’t feasting. The bowls thing did not work, but the ACV might have helped a bit.  At this point, I hate to say it, but I love me some chemicals most of all.

Which home remedies have you tried for fleas? Did they work?

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