What I Love About ING Direct Canada — & My Orange Key

The system works! Got another $25 for referring someone to ING Direct Canada today, and that means the person who opened an account with this cool bank also got $25! Congrats! If you haven’t signed up yet, here’s the low-down.

Or, if you know all about it already and just want an Orange Key so you can earn $25 just for signing up and depositing $100 (and start earning your own money referring people), here’s my Orange Key:

Why I like ING:

  • No monthly fees
  • ABMs from any credit union in the Exchange Network can be used to withdraw money without fees
  • Hassle-free online banking — pay bills, transfer money between your chequing and savings accounts immediately with no penalties
  • The super-convenient ING smartphone app (there’s one for Android, iPhone and Blackberry)
  • Free to transfer money to other ING Direct Canada account holders
  • Easy to email money
  • Void cheques are printable as needed
  • Great customer service (call or chat online)
  • Referral bonus using Orange Key (that’s a given!)
  • On the side of your account, it tells you how much money you’ve saved in fees since you began your account — very cool feature

We had one instance where we needed a tonne of change for an event we were running. You can’t get change out of an ABM. Thankfully, just about any bank is happy to give you change if you let them know in advance you’re coming. That’s about the only downfall we’ve faced using this bank, and I can’t really say it was all that inconvenient given that there’s a bank on every corner downtown.

If you bank with ING Direct Canada, what are some of the things you like most about it?

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