Western Catalpa Tree — June: My Foe Blooms Anew

You may have read about my enemy, our neighbour’s useless Western Catalpa tree. For a description of this tree, read this.

Despite a late and frosty spring, the aforementioned flowering season in July seems to have come early this year.

Y. A. Y.

western catalpa tree, bad tree, bad

Click for more detail.

Sure, they look pretty now, but soon those lovely blossoms will be a squishy mess all over our garden and lawn.

“Oh, it can’t be all that bad,” you might say. “Surely, you’re making a mountain of a molehill again, Nikki Comma,” your nosy friend Deidre would surely chime in.

Okay, reader and Diedre, you like these babies all over your lawn? Take ’em!

western catalpa blossom

Now imagine about 10 of these per square foot and you’re there.

Luckily, Miklos noticed Junior spitting one of these out the other day, so it’s one of the rare things he won’t vacuum up into his little dog gullet. If I weren’t so into my garden these days, I probably wouldn’t mind too much. Also, I’m more tolerant of this tree lately because a family of birds moved into one of its little holes. The same birds eat from a feeder we’ve set up, so I’m partial to them.

Have you had to deal with a neighbour’s pesky tree? I’d love for you to tell me your story in the comments.

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