Facebook Hashtagging: It’s a Thing Now

The most recent Facebook fad is complaining about people haphazardly tossing hashtags into their posts on the social media site.

On June 12, it was announced that clickable hashtagging has been introduced to Facebook.

I was away on my honeymoon for a week or so, and that means I’m married now, so I’m doubly likely to have my finger off the pulse of the news world. So, I’m wondering: Is this the reason for the uproar, or is this in response to it?

I’m sure people who use third-party apps that post to Facebook will already know this, but just in case, I hope that the ones who hate hashtagging on Facebook realize there has been a point to it, sometimes/for some of us. Example:

If I hashtag an Instagram photo, I get more views from people searching for the same tag. Which builds community, and it’s fun to see what similar things other people are posting.

So, if I use Instagram, but also want to share it on Facebook, I’m likely to hashtag in the description to save myself the extra time (seconds, but that’s the world we’re in) of having to comment on my own Instagram photo later with a hashtag so that people within that app will find it. I hope, in those cases, my hashtags have not offended anyone in the Facebook world.

Rendering the above points moot, hashtagging exists on Facebook now, as it probably should for the social aspects of social media. Time to stop posting memes about it. (Unless it has a cat in it.)

What’s your opinion on hashtagging on Facebook? Are you glad it’s here, or do you wish it would go away?

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