Wedding Invitations DONE

You’re finished, wedding invitations!

We were going to make our own design, but it turns out there is a lot more planning involved in a wedding than would allow us that option. I mean, also, we’d need to be patient people, so naturally, we found a box set of beautiful invitations and went for it.

birds, wedding invitations

No, the envelope does not have a moustache on it.

So now that that’s done, it kind of actually feels like this wedding is happening. And soon we’ll be married and we’ll never have to speak of wedding planning again! YAY! I have to admit though, after doing this, the planning seems a bit more organized and fun. Now to pick out a ring! Got my ring too this afternoon! Miklos’s has his. We’re doing well so far — hope this keeps up.

To all those who are married, did you enjoy planning your wedding? To anyone, would you like to plan my wedding for free?

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  1. Where did you find this set? They are so cute!

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