Pumpkin for Dog Tummy Rumbling

We’ve been walking Junior and Casey together for a week or so now that he got his second shots. Junior’s loud tummy growling problem began just after we saw the vet so when we walked the dogs to the pet food store, we mentioned it to the girl working. She mentioned feeding him a bit of pumpkin with his dinner as it’s supposed to settle an upset puppy stomach. I had read that a few times as well, so we decided to try it.

The stuff we got was a can of organic pumpkin pulp marketed especially for dogs. I’m sure any canned pumpkin would do, preferably organic to cut down on any ingredients that might not sit well in an upset stomach. It seems to have worked exceptionally well. We no longer hear his tummy growling from the other room every morning, and he doesn’t roll around in bed all night, whining uncomfortably while charging the static on his little bed in our dry house.

Junior in the sunlight

Sleep + no tummy problems + a walk once or twice daily is working out to be the magical equation for a happy puppy. I’ll submit it to Einstein’s ghost for review.

And next, to deal with the little bump on his back that I hope he gets no more of. Ohh, boxer problems.

What natural remedies have you used for your pet’s health before? Did they work?

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