Greatest Videos — March 2013

I thought it might be ‘cool’ if I linked a few of the best videos I’ve seen lately. Although you may have seen them previously, you definitely deserve this video break. PS, I am aware that probably only the Taylor Swift ones is recent and I have come to terms.

Kitty Jumping Fail with AWOLNATION – SAIL soundtrack

Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble (Goat Version)

And, not exactly something I’ve seen just this month, but always a classic:

Whose Line is it Anyway – Arctic Tern


March 2013 is the best, because we get to put our clocks ahead and I don’t have to work on a Sunday this year after it happens. I am going to sleep an extra hour just like all the other non-retail shmoes for once. Yes sir. You might say I am rich in spirit, or very poor in money.

What videos make you cry laughing lately? Post them in the comments.

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