Dog Tummy Rumbling

This morning is a tired one. Junior was trying to climb up the side of the bed, which was strange and somewhat irritating, until Miklos discovered what might have been the problem. The puppy’s tummy was growling like mad, loud enough we could hear it from across a room. We think it scared him a little.

I suffer the same affliction sometimes when I’m not even hungry, though it’s easier for me to climb into our tall bed.

little boy

Ignoring the scarier answers found on Google (I know), it seems he might have an upset stomach. He ate his food, however, and has had some water to drink, so while the noises continue I’m not overly worried. A dog eating and drinking generally signifies that he’s healthy, not that I’m a veterinarian. He’s taking a nap and the snoring drowns out his tummy.

It was REALLY loud. At first we were worried, but he seems good now. We’re keeping a close eye on him in the meantime, as if there’s any other way to be with a 10 week old puppy. Maybe we should feed him a little snack before bed to tide him over through the night. The weird things you learn with every new animal!

UPDATE (July 9, 2017): We actually do give Junior a snack before bedtime now. It became apparent that we needed to do this after he had a bout of pancreatitis. Read about that here.


Does your dog get a growly stomach? Have you come up with a solution?

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