Classical Music and Dogs: A Halfway Surprising Experiment

Classical music time is coma time for the dogs. It would be for me too, except that puppy resting means I can get things done. I am also about 2% more peaceful for listening to it, inclined to spin like a ballerina as I tidy the neighbour’s wayward bags of dog poo from our lawn, if I’m not keeping an eye on myself.

Don’t credit me for this magical discovery, however. The suggestion to subject them (and myself) to classical was made to me by a very sweet lady who apparently knows what she’s talking about. I find it works less when the battle-royale war music starts around 3 PM (or maybe yesterday was an isolated incident), but otherwise, it’s impressive how soothed the dogs are by it. Here‘s the free streaming station I’ve been listening to.

dueling strings

I should get these guys to play for the puppies.

There’s even been some research as to the effect different types of music have on shelter dogs. Apparently it can do wonders for dogs with separation anxiety and aid with crate training as well. Note to self: If you ever run a shelter, absolutely no Slayer on the stereo.

Heh. Who has stereos anymore?

Do you find classical has an effect on you or your animals?

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