Cats with Horned Paws — It’s a Thing

It took about three years for Jane to become comfortable enough to allow me to pick her up. In fact, she is a bit of a mysery. Most days she hides out downstairs. We didn’t discover there was a name for her breed (Nebelung) until last year when I answered trivia on FreeKibbleKat which sounded a lot like a description of our fluffball. We just keep finding things out about our old cat Jane.

Yesterday’s discovery was something Miklos had noticed long ago but somehow forgot to mention.

a cinnamon Jane roll

You can’t tell from here, and you can barely tell from up close… which is why I haven’t got a more recent picture. That’s a two-person job.

Jane has horned paws. They’re on every toe pad on both front paws. This link will explain more, and keep in mind, Jane is not a polydactyl (6-toed) cat, but just a regular old cat with what looks like nails growing in a mirror image out of her paw pads toward her other claws. Just weird. I’ll get pictures and update this post later.

I don’t know if they bother her, but they might, since she walks very lightly. Apparently you can clip them and they don’t have a blood supply. As long as you clean them it should be fine. I might wait until Jane’s a bit more sleepy to do that, however. I’m scared of having to wait another three years to get to pet her again.

Miklos says he noticed this a long time ago. Jane is almost 12, I have known her almost five years and have just learned this now. Proof positive that I’m not one of those canoodling-her-cats-all-day cat ladies. For now.

Have you ever had a cat with horned paws? 

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