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The other night we were driving to meet up with someone when we spotted a curb full of tossed-aside furniture, books, and framed items.  I’m not normally the type to yell “STOP THE CAR” but I did this time (or some variation of it), and I’m glad.

We ended up with:

  • An old dresser
  • An old nightstand (these two will be DIY projects on here come springtime)
  • A giant, framed original landscape oil painting signed “Eldon”
  • Smaller framed painting
  • Framed print of a native girl (I really just wanted the frame)
  • A large mounted print (HomeSense standard issue)
  • A RECORD PLAYER from the 1960s that still works
  • A wooden stand for the record player to sit on for now
  • A couple books from the ’70s
  • A bag full of bad sketches of boobs and other things

I cleaned up the record player, furniture, and picture frames (hey, if you smoke, I hope you know that your lungs are full of yellow and black filth — if you’re OK with that, then so am I). Very interested to find out who this “Eldon” character is, who painted this large oil on canvas.  Can’t find anything about him except for one eBay listing.  I’ll post pictures later today.

If anyone wants the bag of sketches, they will be in the recycling this Friday.

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