Look Who I Found in the Cat Bed…

While I was cleaning today, somebody snuck into the DIY cat bed I wrote about a while ago.

that's not really your bed...

oh hello

We kind of love this guy.

Now if only he’d stop crying and growling all night when we crate him. He slept uncrated last night on a pillow beside Casey. I’m OK with it, he didn’t run around or anything all night, and he was quiet. I don’t want him to affiliate the crate only with us leaving him, however, because I’m pretty sure he’ll always hate it.

Last night was probably a giant crate-training faux-pas, and we’re not quite sure what to do. Possibly putting a smaller crate/bed in the living room where we spend a lot of time with him/where he likes to sleep, so that he’ll learn to use a crate as his den. Not sure if that will just alienate him from the one in our room, however. Sigh. At least these pictures are adorable. Casey loves wrestling with him too, so there’s that.

We tried to let him cry it out but it got so loud and sounded like we were trying to stab him or something. Hopefully our walls are adequately soundproofed so all the neighbours down the road didn’t hear it.

Does anybody have any puppy crate training tips they’d like to share? I’d be so thankful!

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