700 Posts! Whew, I’m Tired. Need Ostrich Pillow.

If you find yourself zonked at the most inopportune times, the Ostrich pillow might be right up your alley.  Yes, this pillow has ear and breathing holes and of course, a giant hole for you to stick your entire head into.

If anyone buys this for me for my birthday, I will love them forever, even if I hate them/don’t even know them now.  That’s a pretty powerful proposition.  I say you wrap your head around it.  Or let it wrap… eh, too easy.

Ostrich pillow!  Buy here!  It’s on your wish list now, right?

UPDATED (April 23 2013): If you want a cheap knockoff of the same idea, get it here for $29.90 instead of $99US/CAD!

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