Google Analytics: New Visitors, Returning Visitors… Other?!

While taking a look at Google Analytics today, I came across something strange.  I entered the dates as far back as they would go until present day for one of Miklos’s sites, and a mysterious lone ranger turned up.

Analytics Other

Neither new, nor returning?  How can that…?  Apparently the same has happened to others.  So who is this single visitor over the course of 2 years on a site that’s had tonnes of pageviews?  Is it the same visitor on every site?  Is it GoogleBot Himself (but then, wouldn’t GoogleBot not track himself)?

When I checked visitor history on this blog, however, there was no Mystery Visitor.  I guess GoogleBot is out.  So who could it be?

I’m interested to know from other bloggers: If you date Analytics as far back as it will let you, does the same kind of result turn up?

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