Interactive Map of Toronto’s Fallen Soldiers (Source: Global News)

I am beyond impressed with this map provided by Global News.

An incredible 2870 names of fallen soldiers from the First World War geocoded and analyzed, plotted onto this map of Toronto according to their next of kin’s address, along with their age, date of death, occupation and rank.  If you’re especially familiar with the area, this might be of extra interest to you.  I lived next to the residence of a fallen gunner named Edward Trevor Lynge. He died September 7, 1918.  Gives “close to home” a heavier sense when you think about it.

the world war

“World War”
We saw these stone plaques on the side of a church in Tihany, Hungary, these names etched after the First World War.

Did you find any fallen soldiers on the map according to a familiar address?  Does it feel strange to know (with this plotted data bringing a new element to it) that these lives were lived right at home or right next door?  Let me know what you think in the comments.

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