“This Things I Believe”

Last night I went to the fridge and had a bit of yogurt and thought to myself how I couldn’t believe I ever liked eating chips before.  Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way a healthy person.  Between Miklos and I, we’ve been to the walk-in about 3 times this week (although I guess for each of us there was only one issue and one was a follow-up), but I just could not see the appeal in eating salty snacks for a minute there.

Thankfully, that minute is long past because I am back to my old self again and I want a chip, badly.  We didn’t buy any, however, so I’m stuck with Fudgee-Os, which I also love but which really isn’t the same thing at all.  I will not be complaining in three minutes however, guaranteed.

Wilford Brimley cat

And for no reason, here’s Rico resembling Wilford Brimley a little…

I appreciate what I have (eventually).  Fudgee-Os or not.  I lead a pretty fortunate life and I’m glad to have anything at all.  Isn’t it annoying that #firstworldproblems applies to pretty much any complaint us bloggers can make?  (Yes.)  What did you appreciate today?  What were you disappointed in?

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