Skyfall? More like … Skyfall.

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I am very slowly getting back into the swing of things. It’s funny pathetic annoying rude funny how being sick a couple weeks guts a whole bunch of your plans and drags your remains right on back to square one.  I’m on antibiotics but I feel they could work a little faster.

Tonight we go watch Skyfall.  I will be honest.  This is not a movie I want to see.  Cheap night allows for a night out, however, and aside from the need to bite the heads off several giggling and popcorn-tossing tweenagers, I’m sure I won’t be too dismayed at the outcome.

Have you seen this movie?  Any good?  Will I love it?  Hate it?  Write home about it?  (The latter would be most impressive because I live a 3-minute drive from ‘home’.)  You tell me.

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