Movie Review: Skyfall

Oh herrlo

Skyfall was good.  I won’t spoil anything, but I will describe the theatre experience because I find these reviews more interesting (I am the only one who reviews movies this way as far as I know).

The movie was packed with older people and a few confused tweens, far less than I had predicted.  It was as if the matinee had been moved to 6:45 PM.  I used the washroom but felt compelled to go again once crammed into the packed theatre with its lack of adequate leg room or lumbar support in the seating.  I managed however to hold it for the duration of 2.5 hours, and I wasn’t disappointed although my kidneys might have been.  The movie seemed quick even though it really wasn’t.   $4.25 per ticket well paid by Miklos.  Something nearly everyone could enjoy, especially me when a middle-aged woman scolded two kids in front of us for looking at their cell phones.  Old people got balls.

Overall, an enjoyable movie.  I think you should see it if you’ve got nothing else to do.  Is there anything else good out right now?

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