Conflict, eh?

I’m having a bit of a moral dilemma.

It’s apparent that any time someone has yelled at me I’ve found them to be little more than a pathetic butt.


My issue is with my neighbours: They’re about 75% awful.  They have no respect for their anyone, in fact Miklos had to built a fence so that they wouldn’t hose their dogs’ urine and feces onto our house as they had been doing for what I imagine to be years prior. (They keep their dogs in a cage outside on the driveway, not in their yard for whatever reason.)  That is dealt with and done, thankfully, but we still have the issue of their little devils kicking and chucking balls at our house and running all over our yard and never using their own lawn; you know, kind of like their dogs. We’ll probably move after the wedding.  For now I need to know how to tell them politely but firmly “I have not had children yet for a reason, so please kick balls at/run all over your own property.”  I feel like these are the kind of people who, no matter what I say, will take offense and simply kick harder.

Is this at all possible?

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